What would be a world without Art ?

CAPSULART is a think tank and a portfolio of investment that targets investors, artists and creative entrepreneurs, who are building socially oriented businesses. How do we make impact investments ? Today artists are looking through traditional channels like private philanthropy and government support. Investing in creativity has multiple benefits, job quality, social connections, Civic engagements. A conscious Business is not only making money, but it’s also producing beautiful things, creating friendship, finding art that you love.

‘”Investing in creativity brings people together through ART”

So Capsulart brings the creative economy into a portfolio of investment. If you are a designer, architect, realtor, marketing director, for hotel, cafe or restaurant etc…, you can do a positive impact and bring people together by investing in art.

There’s an increasing demand for art. Today people do not want to own things but want to live experiences, through art and beautiful places.

Support artists who want to go beyond the studio. Like any entrepreneurs, they want to use the marketplace to scale and sustain a concept they have.

Check below our portfolio of Artists and let us know if you want to make a positive impact…

Gilles Hurtaud Paillard

Artist and Founder of Capsulart

Portfolio to be coming soon